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7 août 2013

About FSDS

FONDATION SAINT DOMINIQUE SAVIO “FSDS” in initials, is a NGO (Non-Government Organisation), created by Mr. NSENGIYUMVA Patrice, its Legal Representative and operating in Rwanda since 2001. It is governed by its statutes and is registered by RGB (Rwanda Governance Board) according to the law N˚04/2012 of February 17th 2012 governing NGOs in Rwanda.

FSDS delivers considerable value for both its partners mainly beneficiaries, government institutions and funding agencies by focusing on providing better service, professionalism and integrity referencing all staff to ensure the Foundation puts the right people forward for the right roles.

The depth and breadth of the achieved extensive knowledge and experience, when combined with its staff enthusiasm and professionalism, enable FSDS to talk to the partners, beneficiaries and collaborators in a language they understand and to provide the required expertise and technical and financial assistance. So that, we hope that FSDS’s experience and partnership both with Rwanda Government, UN Agencies, Bilateral donors other Civil Society Based Organizations could unsure all partners about FSDS’s capacity and credibility.

The core purpose of FSDS is to work for human dignity in a just and peaceful world for all.
The main activities of the organization are related to the promotion of education, technologies and human welfare mainly in the sectors of :
  Peace building and non violence ;
  Environment and climate change ;
  Information and communication technologies ;
  Humanitarian actions ;
  Democracy and good governance.

Organizational philosophy combines holistic, democratic and participatory approaches for project implementation to achieve efficiently and effectively project’s goals.

According to the article 5 of FSDS’S statutes, the Organization’s membership is composed by the Founders members, adherent members and honour members. FSDS has permanent paid staffs and volunteers or temporaries staffs are recruited according to the available activities from different projects to be implemented. The Executive Director of FSDS is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. The decisions of the management Committee are subject to review by a 9 members of Board of Directors. The Board meets every quarter to review the activities of the organization and to provide advice to the management on the way forward.

The main target population group of the Foundation is “YOUTH” and that why it has given the name of “Saint Dominique Savio”, the Holly protector of the youth for the Christians.