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20 août 2013


ETOILE.COM is a non-profit making organization created in 2004 by Saint Dominique Savio FOUNDATION. It works as Press Agency fully named « Rwanda Agency for Editing, Research, Press, and Communication », abbreviated “ETOILE.COM, governed by this constitution and subjected to the provisions of law No 22/2009 of 12/8/2009 governing the Press in Rwanda.

Its headquarters is established in Kigali City and carries out its activities in the whole of the Republic of Rwanda and has the following mission : to see, to judge and to communicate. The main objectives of the ETOILE.COM agency are the following :

(a) To promote Information and Communication Technologies ;

(b) To contribute to education, training and informing the population on promoting peace building, democracy and sustainable development ;

(c) To carry out professional, technical media related activities and to facilitate and ensure an interdependent collaboration between the media professionals and the general public ;

(d) To seek, analyze, edit books, and produce articles and reports on various topics based on research, survey and study ;

(e) To contribute to human solidarity and well-being through sports and other cultural activities ; (f) To facilitate collaboration, exchange, and synergies between various national and international actors involved in development and social well-being in Rwanda.

The Executive Director of ETOILE.COM is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. The decisions of the management Committee are subject to review by members Board of Directors. The Board meets every quarter to review the activities of the organization and to provide advice to the management on the way forward. At the community level, two field staff with considerable experience in project management control project implementation.