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21 janvier 2016

FSDS Conducts Environmental Needs Assessment in Refugee Camps

As the activities to improve wellbeing of refugees in Rwanda through Environmental Community Based initiatives (ECOBI) go on, FSDS staff members are heading to different refugees sites to identify the main environmental challenges refugees face and come up with appropriate measures and solutions for refugees in camps and host community as well.

Visiting team meet with refugee in centers or camps face to face, their authorities and partners organization to observe and discuss different environment conditions within refugee camps and to see what actions the FSDS should be involved in terms of environmental protection in order to meet the refugee’s needs.

FSDS team in Mugombwa Refugee camp (Ntwali Olivier and Kabera Godfrey)

Conducting this field visit and need assessment (ENA) gives the organization the insights on actions for priorities and emergency response to be provided. During the environmental need assessment, target population and areas to be focused on, are also realized.

Some of environmental critical elements in refugee camps in pictures

Mugombwa Refugee Camp

Soil erosion and land deterioration downwards Mugombwa refugee camp is getting worse

Mugombwa as well as other many refugee camps in Rwanda, is constructed in high risk zone

Creation of ravines in refugee camps due to poor management of rain water

Written by Norbert NIYITEGEKA, FSDS Media and Communication Officer.