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16 janvier 2016

A Netherlands Student Visited FSDS to Learn from its Humanitarian Assistance

On this Friday, 15th January 2016 Fondation St. Dominique Savio (FSDS) hosted Jolien van Ooijen, an intern at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kigali, on the department of development of the Great Lakes region. Her visit to FSDS headquarters in Kigali was in partial execution of her internship on humanitarian aids.

FSDS is one of the mega organizations known for providing interventions of different kinds and refugee response provisions in Rwanda. Jolien van Ooijen said she managed to visit FSDS based on its humanitarian assistance provided to refugees fleeing to Rwanda especially Burundian refugees within the context of Refugee Response Plan 2016.

During her visit, the focus was especially put on FSDS’s humanitarian aid being given to Burundian refugees in Rwanda.
“I would like to discuss with you the problems, possibilities and other issues encountered in assisting the Burundian refugees, and how the organization sees the way forward with the situation of refugees in Rwanda.” She said.

Mr. Patrice NSENGIYUMVA, the Country Director of FSDS put her straight on the accomplished and ongoing activities in terms of humanitarian aid given to Burundian and Congolese Refugees in Rwanda.
These include Peace building workshops given to media practitioners about refugee’ issues, Eco-School Projects that are implemented in 4 districts, land use consolidation project, peace, media and non violence projects, the donation given to Burundian refugees in Bugesera reception center as Christmas gift, and Environmental Community Based Initiatives project underway for implementation to address environmental challenges in and around refugee camps, under UNHCR grants.

Some of the challenges encountered are environmental and socially based like limited interventions with local community, budget constraints, waste management, deforestation, soil erosion and land deterioration in and around refugee camps.
To address these challenges, Foundation St. Dominique Savio is mobilizing more funds, improving refugees’ wellbeing through Environmental Community Based Initiatives (ECOBI), a five year program with tree plantation, trace terracing, sanitation trends, improved cook stoves to reduce firewood consumption, renewable energy, training, community mobilization on protection of environment and climate change mitigation.

Written by Norbert NIYITEGEKA, FSDS Media and Communication Officer.