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23 janvier 2016

Environmental Sector Handover Kicks off, from ARC to FSDS

Handover process started on this Tuesday 19th January 2016 with a deep analysis of the whole activities and responsibilities held by the American Refugee Committee as an organization that was in charge of the sector of environment protection in Refugee camps. Accomplished activities, and in dept actions were accessed to get an overview of the challenges and possible solutions.

Generally American Refugee committee has been doing well in handling problems with environmental crisis in and around refugee camps, but some major issues yet need to be provided with more and emergent interventions.

FSDS staff at ARC Office in Gatsibo District

According to Godfrey KABERA, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Fondation St Dominique Savio will then build upon available resources to make lives of refugees more brilliant through environmental protection. "The focus is going to be kept on the most severe problems highlighted to provide long lasting solutions of environmental challenges in and around refugee camps." He noted

ARC authority presenting environmental resources to FSDS team in Nyabiheke

Evaluation and analysis of the accomplished tasks, and problems faced by ARC, earned FSDS a lot of experience in our ongoing refugee response and interventions.
Environmental activities handover with the American Refugee Committee gives FSDS full rights and permission to take care of environmental sector in and around refugee camps, handling challenges for better future life, friendly to environment.

Written by Norbert NIYITEGEKA, FSDS Media and Communication Officer.