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20 février 2016

ECOBI- three day Staff Training Concluded in Rubavu District

Fondation Saint Dominique Savio (FSDS) seeks to improve refugees’ wellbeing through environmental community based initiatives ECOBI, a project funded by UNHCR being implemented in Rwanda refugees’ camps. It is in this context that FSDS organization in partnership with the Rwanda Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs, and UNHCR, has organized capacity building training for the staff to implement the project.

A three day staff training of Environmental Community Based Initiatives ECOBI was held from 16th and concluded this Friday 19th February in Rubavu District – West Mountain Hotel

The training focused on the implementation of Environmental Community Based Initiatives ECOBI project, and sharing common understanding of both the project and the organization. This training aimed at improving and strengthening capacity building of the staff for ECOBI project implementation and better management of environmental resources and infrastructures in and around of the camp sites with their surroundings.

Training session at TAM TAM
In participatory sessions, participants of the training were put straight on the operation system of the project with the work plan and key activities, reporting procedures and mechanisms, target population and expected results of the project were also shared and deeply discussed. Furthermore, participants were trained in monitoring and evaluation tools, ECOBI toolkits, UNHCR forms, financial and administration forms, FSDS ethics and authorization, Environmental Need Assessment questionnaire, principles and values of both FSDS and partners communities.

Senior Programs Manager explaining the contribution of ECOBI project in environmental management and protection

Expressing their gratitude to the training organizers, ECOBI staff members assume that they acquire knowledge and are now well equipped for the project implementation as they acknowledge such training opportunity.

At the end of training, an evaluation of the training success was conducted referring to participants’ expectation proposed

Mr. Patrice NSENGIYUMVA in training presentation

During the concluding remarks at the training, Mr. Patrice NSENGIYUMVA, heading the organization, reminded the training participants to be results based oriented, working hard with fairness spirit, integrity and transparency following principles and values of both the organization and partners communities to make the project goals happen.

Participant in interactive sessions

The training is expected to further benefit the staff in a way to achieve objectives of the project, arrangement and execution of planned activities to improve refugees’ wellbeing through environmental community based initiatives.

Written by Media and Communication Officer