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8 octobre 2016

ECOBI-Greening and Beautification with Vegetables Improving Nutrition in Bugesera T.C

Site greening and beautification with vegetables seeds has been initiated during the launch of environment week campaign that aims at attracting public attention to environment conservation.

Within this campaign which was also part of the preparation of environment day celebrated on the 5th June every year, a fund of more than 12 various seeds was handed to refugees in Bugesera transit center. With this initiative, refugees have grown cabbage, amaranths, onions and other different seeds by which they assume will play a vital role in fighting against malnutrition in the camp.

On this 25th August, FSDS officials paid a visit to Bugesera transit center to evaluate the impacts and outcomes of the initiative among the population of concern.

During his field visit, Mr. Lambert RUTABOBA, FSDS Senior Program Manager has reminded refugees to better manage environmental resources in a bid to maintain a peaceful living condition.

“Protection of the environment here is your own responsibility and you even have our support, so you don’t have to remain idle while there are many things to do, furthermore, this greening initiative has additional benefits of nutrition and we believe will improve nutrition and livelihood” Said Lambert
He also addressed his thanks to refugees’ community in Bugesera for their good understanding and encouraged them to keep on.

Burundian refugees in Bugesera TC hailed FSDS for the interventions and usual support programs. “I am happy with growing vegetation seeds and we are so grateful for FSDS support to preserve our surroundings in a way that earn us something to live on, though the provided seedling fund will support WFP food assistance” A refugee noted. “We were mobilized on the potential of leguminous plants to prepare balanced diet, so we lucky to grow them ourselves” She mentioned.

They said they referred to the guiding manuals given with the seeds and grow them under assistance of MIDIMAR and other concerned implementing partners.

A new nutrition survey by WFP has found that rates of malnutrition in all refugee camps in Rwanda has drastically dropped due to different interventions being made, and the new site greening strategy is going to play a part.

Site greening and beautification through dietetic vegetation have been implemented in other camps across the country, however in some areas sunny season has been also challenging, but good news is that rain season is approaching which means the initiative shall be revitalized soon.