7 août 2013


FSDS has supported livelihoods by providing agriculture inputs and other assistance to communities, through farmers’ associations. It also supports small-scale rural agro-industries. In order to facilitate access to credit for investment, and to promote entrepreneurship, FSDS is and encouraging supporting micro-finance initiatives and income-generating initiatives.

FSDS Rwanda strategically focuses on advocacy as a key area for building our partner organizations’ capacity. It is a cross-cutting issue, to be included in other programmes. Particular focus has been placed on promoting civil society engagement in public dialogue about economic and social policies. This includes taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers) process. In addition, some specific advocacy initiatives around particular policies are supported through research and targeted lobbying especially by partner local based organisations. Attempts have been made to mainstream HIV/AIDS within all partner organizations’ work. In addition, specific interventions aimed at prevention, home-based care, advocacy, and capacity-building, have been supported.